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Community Free Evangelical Church, Harrisburg, PA

We are not perfect. We are not flashy.

If you are a believer looking for a church home or a skeptic wanting to investigate the claims of Jesus, we welcome you! We are not perfect; we are not flashy; we are not the best or the brightest of people. We are, however, striving to be an authentic community of Christ followers who welcome the fellowship of other Christians and attempt to honestly answer the questions of sincerely interested non-Christians.

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    • One Flesh

      God has designed sexual intimacy to be a powerful bond. However, often we misuse this precious gift. Recently our pastor-elders spent two nights teaching about God’s design for sex, the ways we fall short, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. …

    • Vacation Bible School: June 14-18, 2015

      You are invited to Everest Vacation Bible School June 14-18, 2015 from 6-8 pm Community Evangelical Free Church 4501 Franklin St., Harrisburg, PA 717-545-1354 Registration begins May 24, 2015 Register by emailing Carolyn Aiken at, calling the church office …