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Community Free Evangelical Church, Harrisburg, PA

We are not perfect. We are not flashy.

If you are a believer looking for a church home or a skeptic wanting to investigate the claims of Jesus, we welcome you! We are not perfect; we are not flashy; we are not the best or the brightest of people. We are, however, striving to be an authentic community of Christ followers who welcome the fellowship of other Christians and attempt to honestly answer the questions of sincerely interested non-Christians.

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  • Luke: History of Christ

    10/16/2016 - Luke 2:40-52
    Preached by Jason Abbott

    10/23/2016 - Luke 3:1–38
    Preached by Benjamin Vrbicek

    10/30/2016 - Luke 4:1–13
    Preached by Jason Abbott

    11/6/2016 - Luke 4:14–30
    Preached by Ben Bechtel

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    • Sermon Series: Luke – History of Christ

      Who is Jesus and why does it matter? These are the questions that Luke wants us to learn in his gospel. But he doesn’t want us just to know mere information about Jesus; he wants us to know the history …

    • Community Free VBS: Cave Quest

      This VBS promises to be an over-the-top, underground adventure! Plus, kids walk away understanding what it means to follow Jesus and shine his light. Join our team―register to be a part of Cave Quest VBS! Community Free VBS Dates: June …