Sunday Services: 9:00am & 10:45am

Small Groups

As wonderful as Sunday morning worship can be, there is more to the Christian life than attending church once a week. That’s why we have small group Bible studies that meet all over the city throughout the week. These groups typically have about a dozen people in them. They meet regularly for prayer, Bible study, encouragement, and the occasional service project.

If you would like to get involved in a group, please look over the list of current groups, and then email Pastor Benjamin, (Please note, we ask people to attend our church consistently for 2 months before joining a group.)

Current Groups:

  1. Ben and Whitley Bechtel & Daniel and Sam Wendt
  2. Benjamin and Brooke Vrbicek
  3. Bernie and Michelle Readinger
  4. Daryl and Deb Davis & Nate Phillips
  5. Davis and Elizabeth Younts (currently looking for more people)
  6. Gary and Mary Lathrop
  7. Jeff and Katelyn Clark
  8. Jim and Bonnie Pace
  9. Jim and Shelby Stauffer
  10. Matt and Fran O’Donnell
  11. Mike and Carolyn Aiken (currently looking for more people)
  12. Mike and Emily Grenier (currently looking for more people)
  13. Scott and Susan Elder & Lukeman and Carolina Harvey
  14. Tony and Stacey Pitts (currently looking for more people)