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Community Outreach

Brews & Beliefs


An open forum with the goal to promote open and honest inquiry, respectful dialogue, and exchange of ideas around life’s biggest questions.

For those who would not identify as Christians, or for those who might not even feel comfortable setting foot in a church. It is an open forum, held at various venues in midtown Harrisburg, with the goal to provoke open and honest inquiry, respectful dialogue and exchange of ideas around life’s biggest questions: Where is meaning in life found? What is wrong with the world? What will put things right again? Such conversation across radically different worldviews is rare in our culture and has value in and of itself, however, in creating a safe space for these discussions, our hope and prayer is that deeper conversation and relationships with those outside the church would be formed, and there would be fertile ground for long-term gospel-conversation.

Interested in getting involved and inviting a friend? The group meets about every 6 weeks. Please contact Mike Grenier at for more details.

Partnering with a Purpose (PWAP)


“How can we show God’s love?”

How can we show God’s love? This was the question on the minds of members of a mission trip going to help with the Katrina clean-up in 2006. After their trip the answer was clear and simple, help.

Partnering With a Purpose, fondly called PWAP, was born from this simple idea of helping our neighbors. And it really is as simple as helping: painting a house, fixing a leaky faucet, carrying a few boxes on moving day, going through the neighborhood and changing batteries in smoke alarms, or just raking leaves. There is no special qualification needed, no specific age group or demographic, just a group of people working together to show God’s love to our congregation and church neighbors.

It’s a simple idea with a huge impact.

If you would be interested in helping with an upcoming project (or need help with a project) please contact Jane DelSordo at or call the church office at 545-1354.