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Our Story

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“The gospel story of Jesus is the underlying reality to which all…stories point. It gives us more than a passing inspiration because it is the true story, it happened.” –Timothy Keller

We at Community Evangelical Free Church of Harrisburg (we know…try to say that 5 times fast) had our first public worship service in September of 1999. However, we didn’t just materialize out of thin air but were born out of Hershey Evangelical Free Church. Indeed, much planning, prayer, and hard work were put in long before that first service was realized.

Over the years, God has been so very faithful to our little church. He’s grown our congregation from a nomadic church plant into a fixture of our Penbrook community; he’s provided many gifted leaders to teach and disciple and grow us; and, he’s continuing to increase our faith in Jesus and grow our service of Jesus, whether in Harrisburg or around the world.

Our story is obviously in progress, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know its ultimate goal or ending. We do. As Christians, we believe that our story is tied to the Big Story—the story of the good news of God’s love for sinners, a story centered on the person and work of Jesus. It’s a narrative filled with hope and purpose. And it guides and governs and, finally, glorifies our individual stories (Romans 8:18)! We consequently delight and strive to help all who are truly interested connect their story to Jesus’ story.